Top Quizzes about Brighton

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Would you like to test your knowledge about Brighton? Are you looking for ideas for your quiz night with your friends or family? We’ve put together a list of quizzes where you can test your knowledge and learn something new.

Brighton’s History

  1. What was Brighton called initially?
  2. What monarch had the Brighton Pavilion built?
  3. When did Brighton get its city status?
  4. Which conference was taking place at the Brighton Centre in 1984 when the Grand Hotel was bombed?
  5. Which culture did influence the interior design of the Royal Pavilion?
  6. The Brighton Sea Life Centre is the oldest operating aquarium in the world. When was it opened?
  7. According to the 2011 census, what was the population of Brighton & Hove?
  8. During World War II, why were the Germans instructed not to bomb the Royal Pavilion, Brighton?
  9. Which famous album debuted at the Brighton Dome in 1972?
  10. In which year was the Brighton’s Jubilee Clock Tower built?
  11. How many piers has Brighton had?
  12. When were the first National Speed trials held along Madeira Drive?

General Knowledge

  1. What is the name of the electric railway which runs a short distance along the seafront?
  2. What is the full title of the Brighton football team?
  3. Where in Brighton did ABBA perform Waterloo in the Eurovision Song Contest?
  4. Brighton is surrounded, to the north of the town, by a range of hills which stretch across the county of Sussex. What is the name of this range of hills?
  5. How many pubs are in Brighton?
  6. Who is depicted by the seafront statue marking the boundary between Brighton and Hove?
  7. What record does Brighton’s Sea Life Centre boast?
  8. When was the British Airways i360 built?
  9. What is the tallest building in Brighton?
  10. Which restaurant did win the first place in Top 20 Brighton’s Best Restaurant Award?
  11. What is the best gay nightclub in Brighton?
  12. Which universities are located in Brighton?

Famous People

  1. Which celebrity attended Patcham High School when she lived in Brighton?
  2. Nick Cave, Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim) and Chris Eubank are all famous people in Brighton. Which is the youngest of the group?
  3. Which Brighton resident is known for his novels about Detective Superintendent Roy Grace?
  4. What is the name of a famous DJ from Brighton?
  5. Who was the leading performer in Brighton’s Pride Festival in 2018?
  6. Which Brighton’s band created UK Chart single ‘Say Something, Say Anything’?
  7. Who is Nick Cave's wife?
  8. Who is the mayor of Brighton & Hove?
  9. What is the favourite hotel of Cate Blanchett in Brighton?
  10. Who is the owner of the famous Pointless Blog?
  11. Who is the biggest female celebrity blogger in Brighton?
  12. Which celebrity does own the vegan restaurant – Vbites?



Brighton’s History Quiz Answers

  1. Brighthelmstone
  2. George IV
  3. 2000
  4. Conservative Party
  5. Chinese
  6. 1872
  7. 273,369
  8. Because Hitler wanted the Royal Pavilion as his headquarters after the war
  9. Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
  10. 1888
  11. Three
  12. 1905

General Knowledge Quiz Answers

  1. Volks
  2. Brighton & Hove Albion
  3. The Dome
  4. The South Downs
  5. Around 900
  6. An angel of peace
  7. It’s the oldest operating aquarium
  8. 4 August 2016
  9. Sussex Heights
  10. Little Fish Market
  11. Bar Revenge
  12. The University of Brighton and University of Sussex

Famous People Quiz Answers

  1. Katie Price
  2. Chris Eubank
  3. Peter James
  4. Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim)
  5. Britney Spears
  6. Blood Red Shoes
  7. Susie Bick
  8. Alan Robins
  9. Drakes Hotel
  10. Alfie Deyes
  11. Zoe Sugg
  12. Heather Mills